The Immersion Lab, sponsored by the Interaction Department at Art Center College of Design, is a facility that hosts mixed reality courses, workshops, and research. It is open to all students and faculty.

Augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality are a collection of spatial technologies: wearable displays, architectural sensors, and mobile cameras. As more information is embedded within the world around us, spatial computing offers new opportunities for artists and designers to rethink our experiences within these overlapping physical and digital environments. The Immersion Lab at Art Center College of Design is a space designed to immerse students in making with spatial computing technologies. Located at Art Center’s South Campus, the lab hosts eight workstations and a dynamic technology library that includes: HTC Vives, Oculus Rifts, Microsoft HoloLens and Mixed Reality headsets, 360 cameras, Leap Motions, and mobile motion capture suits. Departments across Art Center utilize the lab for courses, workshops and lectures. Through the lab’s dedicated prototyping space and experiential learning curriculum, students and faculty use hands-on research, prototyping, and design to explore new opportunities within the field. As a transdisciplinary resource, the Immersion Lab serves as a center for students, faculty and the spatial computing community to exchange skills and ideas, advancing the discourse around the future of augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality and everything in between.


Director, Jenny Rodenhouse speaking on XR panel at PI Apparel LA. 

The Immersion Lab featured on Core77.

Faculty Filip Kostic and Jenny Rodenhouse present XR Diversions at the 2019 Interaction Design Conference, featuring the lab curriculum and student work.

Immersion Lab Launch Saturday October 13th, 2018 at Space Gallery featuring Student and Faculty work.

Students Greg Palkovics and Georgia Siapno demo their social VR project Unfold at Oculus NextGen Symposium.


Maggie Hendrie
Chair of Interaction Design + Media Design Practices

As the department chair of Art Center College of Design’s Interaction Design program, Maggie Hendrie has more than 20 years of experience in new interactive product/service strategy, digital product design, project management, user-centered design, usability and user experience testing, strategy and organizational Planning. She previously held director positions within companies such as: Sony Pictures Entertainment, US; Whittman-Hart/MarchFIRST, Inc.; Caresoft Inc.; and Manifest Digital. In addition, Hendrie consults for numerous clients including Toyota, Kaiser and Accenture.

Kevin Wingate
Executive DirectorGraduate Media Design Practices + Undergraduate Interaction Design

Jenny Rodenhouse
Director of the Immersion Lab + Assistant Professor of Interaction Design + Media Design Practices

Jenny Rodenhouse is Director of the Immersion Lab and Assistant Professor for Undergraduate Interaction Design and Graduate Media Design Practices at Art Center College of Design. She is a media artist, designer, and researcher in Los Angeles, whose projects explore our increasingly immersive screen-based lifestyles. Previously, Jenny worked as a designer in Microsoft Research, Xbox, and was a post-grad research fellow at Media Design Practices. She has been a Jury Chair for Core77 Design Awards and has exhibited her work locally and internationally. Jenny holds an MFA from Art Center College of Design and Bachelors in Industrial & Interaction Design from Syracuse University.